Deployment & Maintenance Engineer

Simbe Robotics

Simbe Robotics

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2023
As a Customer Success Deployment Engineer at Simbe Robotics you will be part of a talented team conducting on-site deployments of our Tally solution within retail stores. This position requires a unique combination of technical skills, coupled with effective communication, relationship management, project management, leadership, the ability to train our customers successfully, and represent our company and product in public environments.


  • Assist with receiving, unpacking, and testing of Tally hardware upon arrival at customer site
  • Perform initial system level configuration of Tally to customer’s wireless network/internet
  • Use Tally to build map of the customer’s environment and configure autonomous capture settings
  • Perform quality assurance on the data captured and analyzed by Tally
  • Answer any customer questions related to the data and robot performance
  • Effectively troubleshoot issues that may arise in the field
  • Ensure the smooth operations of the robots on-site after deployment setup which may include accompanying Tally through the store until the customer and shoppers are acclimated
  • Answer questions / introduce the technology to the general public while accompanying the robot
  • Represent the company and product in promotional or media events
  • Manage against the customer specific project plan / Scope of Work (SoW) to ensure we meet or exceed the customers expectations
  • Manage on-site customer relationships with multiple internal and external teams during the implementation of Tally
  • Conduct research to evaluate means to enhance the shopper, customer, and robot experience
  • Provide both feedback to product and engineering teams to improve product performance
  • Assists in the development of customer testing plans
  • Help define deployment best practices to ensure the efficient delivery of our solution while building support both from both customer and shoppers


  • 3+ years of customer project management experience in a technical context, such as IT or complex professional systems deployment/integration.
  • Demonstrated success working both as team member and leader.
  • Self-motivated and able to solve problems independently and in customer settings
  • Strong communication and relationship skills to collaborate effectively with internal and customer teams
  • Knowledge of and interest in diverse technical topics, including software, hardware and robotics.
  • Cursory knowledge of networking and network topologies, such as routers, WIFI, switches, and firewalls.
  • Basic Linux skills required including the ability to work in a terminal only environment and experience operating on remote machines using SSH
  • Basic knowledge of ROS is a plus